Terminalia - Festival of Psychogeography

Thurs 23 Feburary 2017

A one day festival of psychogeography on 23rd Feburary 2017 with a number of free walks in Leeds and across the UK!

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Happy Terminalia!

Terminalia is a one day festival of walking, space, place and psychogeography on Thursday 23rd Feburary 2017. There will be a number of free events in Leeds and around the world. Terminalia is the festival of Terminus, Roman god of boundaries and landmarks so if there was ever a god and festival for psychogeography this would be it! Events have been run on this day since 2011.

Read here for a review by Phil Kirby of a previous walk: The Culture Vulture: A Drink To The City

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11am, Aberystwyth. Terminalia - An Aberystwyth Celebration Walk

There will be a celebration of Terminalia in Aberystwyth. While the walls are no longer visible, their route is easy to trace. The town map is very clear to this day, and various historical sources confirm the course as:
Castle Point, South to Tan Y Cae, Along to Heol Y Bont, Dan Dre, Chalybeate Street, Baker Street, Alfred Place, Crynfryn Row, Marine Terrace, King Street, Y Ro Fawr, Castle Point
There were gates at Heol Y Bont, Great Darkgate Street, Eastgate and Pier Street, which will be noted as part of the tour.

Meet at 11am, Castle Point (at the sea wall). More details about the walk. Organised by Roger Boyle.

11am, London, Vauxhall Bus Station: Exploring Boundaries and Monuments.

We will be walking at 11.00 am from Vauxhall bus station to Waterloo station via Tate Britain, the site of Mark Wallinger's, "State Britain" in 2007.
We will then follow an exploratory walk to Trafalgar Square and on to St Paul’s , ending at Waterloo Station. This should take a couple of hours allowing for a tea or coffee break en route. In recognition of Terminus this walk will focus on exploring the memorials and statues along the trajectory. We will observe how and what we choose to commemorate and celebrate through our public spaces. Each participant in the walk will receive a hand made rope which they can make knots in to record the experience of the walk.

Free. There is a also a follow up walk on 25th Feb in Seasalter, Kent(PDF) to Micks Post. For further details and if you would like to attend please contact Elspeth Penfold elspethpenfold@yahoo.co.uk and have a look at the pdf for this event.

All day, Anywhere: Terminalia Synchronised Walk

Women Who Walk Network members, friends and curious passersby are invited to take a dérive to celebrate the festival of Terminalia. In a tribute to the borderless and liminal, this synchronised walk links to the wider Terminalia Festival. Dérive as you like it – try one of these provocations or just follow your curiosity: 1. Walk with friends, family or colleagues. Seek synchronicity. Discuss your findings. 2. Disobey signage. Defy walls and boundaries. Walk in a straight line as far as you can. 3. Incorporate a catapult. Flip a coin at junctions. Follow your nose, or a noise, or an annoyance.
Then share your experiences with fellow celebrants: For instant sharing, tweet while you walk. Upload thoughts, findings or images to @womenwhowalknet so Sonia can retweet them. Use #terminalia to follow the synchronised walk on Twitter and add your comments. For a more leisurely response, post your walking notes, comments or blog link to the network website.

Curated by Sonia Overall, Women Who Walk Network

12pm Cambridge, Castle Mound: Burn British Psychogeography!CANCELLED (Contemporary british psychogeography lives to fight another day! --ed)

This event has been replaced by a ritual event called Rahmat Ali Chaudhry Urs Mubarak at 5pm in Cambridge. See below for full listing.

12.40pm Leeds, Kirkgate Market: WorkersLunchTime

Prepare for the Beating the Bounds walk by exploring the spatial and temporal limits of a lunchtime at Kirkgate Market, Leeds.
Meet at 12.40 by the M&S clock, in the 1904 hall for a crowd-sourced tour of the largest covered market in Europe. Following our noses for around 25 mins we'll create a spontaneous platter map of vernacular gastronomy and then sit down to destroy it with our teeth and taste buds.

(Funded by the WLT small grants foundation. This tour was first conceived with Katie Etheridge and Simon Persighetti's for their 'Personal Shopper' project, Compass Festival 2016) By: @wkrslunchtime. Event is free but tickets are required.

Tickets / Sign Up

1.30pm Leeds, Kirkgate Market: Threads - a market mis-guide

Inspired by Hayley Alessi's experiences of visits to the market as a small child, and other interactions with markets over the years. The tour explores peoples’ connections to the market and to each other, and shows why markets are an important part of our social history. The walk reimagines the market through Hayley's personal stories and experiences, and invites the participants to share some of their own along the way. To do this she has a ball of thread, which she will unravel as we walk, and tie knots in to remember each story as it unfolds.

Meet at the M & S Clock in the 1904 hall. The walk last approximately 40 mins.
Created by Hayley Alessi for the Personal Shopper Cornucopia! project in association with Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti for Compass Festival 2016. For more info on this piece and other work see: https://hayleyalessi.wordpress.com

5pm, Cambridge Cemetery: عرس مبارک काल, पत्र देश URS MUBARAK Rahmat Ali, Cambridge

A ritual celebration at the shrine of Rahmat Ali Chaudhry in Cambridge.
"Inqalabi Communist InterNatIonal (ICINI), All LaBour Industrial uniON (ALBION), Leave the EU Leave the UK Leave NATO, And join DINIA, Psychogeographical hyper Urs Mubarak, Down with ISIS ISI SIS Down with all destructive workers power over reproductive workers. Towards REproductiVe wOrkers and Labourers indUsTrial unION"
More explanations about this event can be found here: http://destroydocumenta.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/urs-mubarak-rahmat-ali-chaudhry-8pc.html?m=1 with videos of previous Urs rituals here https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfJYrVbh7DIxyBl1vSOv0Bybn01lOAYNk

Meet at Cambridge Cemetery, Newmarket Road. Action by Cambridge Lettrist And Situationist Society

5.55pm Leeds, Central Road: "Centered: Threshold / Hearth"

David Bollinger will spark off the Beating the Bounds walk with a short ritual sacrifice to the other Goddess of Psychogeography: Vesta. Vesta (or Hestia as the Greeks called her) is the goddess of liminal spaces, thresholds and hearths. Her place was the fireplace, the central hearth in every home. As another boundary entity she was responsible for the centre and thresholds, the boundary between spaces (Hermes is the god of travelling across boundaries and you know about Terminus). Sacrifices to this domestic, very early primitive goddess was often seen as being done for no reward, literally "going up in smoke."

Please meet in Central Road, Leeds opposite Little Tokyo. This is a very short event (5 mins).

6pm Leeds, Central Road: Beating the Bounds - Circular walk around medieval boundary of Leeds.

6pm Departure from the midpoint of all the stones in Central Road (opposite Mrs Athas Cafe and Little Tokyo). 2-3 hrs (easy). Bring treats to share, flowers to leave and alcoholic or soft drinks to keep you warm! With events, interventions, and special performances from local artists. Led by Tim Waters

We will be walking widdershins (anti-clockwise) around the city, visiting the ancient boundary markers that defined the medieval boundaries of the city. Traditionally, feasting and dances were performed during Terminalia at boundary markers, and we will do the same with things with cake, flowers and a drink! The boundary markers around Leeds are called bars (gates, possibly that barred off an entrance) and mark the borders where the city ended and the countryside began. Some stone markers still exist.

Map showing old stone "bars"
Cossins Map of 1725 showing Woodhouse Bar & Burley Bar

Beating the Bounds: Interventions and Performances

Simon Bradley will perform a guided tour of his "Pocket Museum of Displacements" at a location along the walk.

Anzir Boodoo will perform a traditional Roman blessing at the city's transport termini. The walk may also visit the new glittering southern entrance to the railway station where an invocation to a Roman river god will be enacted as we stand over the water.

Event is free, just turn up. Tickets are not required but help plan for numbers.

Beating the Bounds: Optional Tickets

6.30pm, London, Tapping Into The City: Group Walk - Regent's Place

Tapping Into The City looks at our movements through private-public space in the city, the impact of urban surroundings on us and our relations with each other.
Come and join in this live art piece/group walk through the city, starting at Regent's Place. Nathania will explain the piece and then we'll walk together for an hour or so. Afterwards we can retreat to a warm pub nearby. No need for expertise, to practice or to perform - we will simply explore and respond to our surroundings and each other by moving as one through the city space and listening to its sound and the sound of our feet. Ideally we'll wear shoes with pennies stuck to the soles.

Further info and updates on event page http://www.facebook.com/events/127444644441344. You can just turn up, but if you would like to contact Nathania in advance the email is nathaniah@gmail.com. Project and other works at www.nathaniahartley.com

Free. 6.30pm. Meet at Regent's Place Plaza, at the seating blocks closest to Euston Tower. Closest tube - Warren Street.

Other Participations

10.00am, Osaka. Alert Reveries, Borrowed Sceneries: A walking invocation of medieval Leeds in contemporary Osaka

By Gareth Morris Jones and Alert Reveries



Psychogeography is basically how places make you feel. Places are defined by borders and boundaries, what's there and what isn't. Psychogeography is also about transforming the places where we live. It's about experiencing the urban environment in other ways. It's a reaction against the prescribed, officially allowed uses of places - that of consumption, entertainment, transit, habitation. It seeks towards a transformation of the everyday. It offers a critique of urban planning. It is a form of play. It's the poetry of place. It's the effect of an area on your emotions and thoughts.

By doing psychogeography, by walking across places and spaces in a different way, we may learn three new things: About the places themselves, about ourselves and how we relate to these particular spaces, and about space and place in general with possibly seeing a glimmer of whats really going on there.

If ever there was a god of psychogeography, Terminus would be it, and Terminalia would be our feast day. The Festival of Terminalia has therefore been adopted by us! It is about the boundaries and borders, real, historical, fictional and imagined. Places of beginnings, endings and thresholds.

Termnius & Terminalia

"Neighbours gather sincerely, and hold a feast, And sing your praises, sacred Terminus: You set bounds to peoples, cities, great kingdoms: Without you every field would be disputed."
From Ovid's Festivals - Book II

Terminus was one of the really old Roman gods - he didn't have a statue, he was a stone marker - and his origin, associated with a physical object, and lack of the usual stories that go with the gods, may have originated from animalistic religions. He had influence over less physical boundaries too, like that between two months, or between two groups of people. Terminalia was celebrated on the 23rd February - which was the last day of the Roman Year, the boundary between two new years.

A squared-off column is dug into the ground, a solid block; on it stands a bust of a man with ringlets, and proclaims he yields to no one. Such is Terminus; this end alone drives our race. The date is unmovable, the time foreordained by fates, and the last days bring a judgment on the first
from Alciato's Book of Emblems: Emblem 158

Traditionally, feasting and sacrifices were performed during Terminalia at boundary markers. In Roman times for the festival the two owners of adjacent property crowned the statue with garlands and raised a rude altar, on which they offered up some corn, honeycombs, and wine, and sacrificed a lamb or a sucking pig. They concluded with singing the praises of the god.

Previous Years

Terminalia has been running since 2011 always on 23 Feb. Click the link below to read up on previous years events and see a bunch of photos from previous years.

Past Years

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