Terminalia - Festival of Psychogeography

Every 23rd February

A one day festival of psychogeography on 23rd February each year with a number of free events across the UK and the world!


Happy Terminalia!

Terminalia is a one day festival of walking, space, place and psychogeography on 23rd Feburary. Terminalia is the festival of Terminus, Roman god of boundaries and landmarks so if there was ever a god and festival for psychogeography this would be it! Events have been run on this day since 2011.

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2020 Events Sunday February 23rd

9.00 AM: New York City, USA. Line as labyrinth: Walking the urban labyrinth of desire.

A labyrinth is not a maze, nor a puzzle to be solved, but a singular path to be traveled. One followed by choice. One where the destination is clearly the journey, and time and the space for contemplation the purpose.

A labyrinth is a line, often considered as a line convoluted, with compounded twists and turns. The very word labyrinthine is a term to describe that which is complicated and intricate. But at its core, at the heart of it, a labyrinth is just a line. One without distractions, one without choices and options. It is a singular line to follow. One that is chosen by the walker, not forced upon them by the built environment. The invitation to walk a labyrinth is just that, an invitation. It is not a demand, or even a request. It is an option. One chosen when you feel the need, the pull, the desire. The desire to take on a path, or a pilgrimage. To set out with an intention, a question. It works best when you don’t try to answer that question, but just walk with the question, and see how it changes, and reveals more of itself, with each footstep.

According to some urban planning experts, Broadway was New York City’s earliest desire line, following as it does the Native American-made Wickquasgeck Path, which is thought to have been the shortest walking route between pre-colonial settlements in Manhattan. Broadway is the only remaining one path, according to Architect and urban planner Riccardo Marini, that “wasn’t wiped out by the European grid being overlaid on it”. In this work this path of desire becomes the line of a labyrinth progressing through the city. A singular line progressing from the most northern to the most southern tips of Manhattan. This line becomes an urban labyrinth of desire.

Christopher Kaczmarek invites any who feel the need, pull or aspiration to undertaking a walking pilgrimage to join him down the urban labyrinth of desire that is the street of Broadway. We will begin at 09.00 on Sunday morning February 23, 2020.

Please visit the Facebook Event page for Line As Labyrinth NYC for more information and register your interest

You can also download The Poster for The Event from here.

10.00am London Circle Walk

A day's walk around central London following a circle as closely as possible using whatever routes available - from road, pavement, and track to park, wasteland and canal towpath. The walk is just under 20 miles so wear comfortable shoes. We will have a late morning tea break, and then stop for lunch around halfway. We should complete the circle and return to Tower Bridge just before sunset. There are no tickets and the event is free, just come along and enjoy! Any questions then email Tim at squaregardener@gmail.com.

Meet in the middle of Tower Bridge, standing over the crack where the two halves lift up, on the east side. This is the side facing towards Wapping and Canary Wharf.

For further details about the walk, please visit:

10.00am Stroud, UK. "Beating the Bounds" of Rodborough Parish

In honour of the Roman God of boundaries we will walk around the limits of the parish of Rodborough.

Parishes were once very important administrative areas and ceremonially walking the boundaries of a parish (known as “Beating the Bounds”) was a significant local custom in many places. Important boundary landmarks such as trees or stones would be ceremonially beaten with birch or willow rods. Sometimes young boys (typically choir boys) would also be ceremonially beaten at key places (supposedly to ensure that they would remember the parish boundaries!).

On this walk we intend to revive certain aspects of this custom for one day. Specifically, walking the boundary and beating key landmarks, but most definitely NOT beating young boys. As we progress there will be discussions and performative celebration of local matters, historical, political, industrial, cultural, geological, ecological and mythological. The boundary of Rodborough parish follows canals and disused railway lines, makes steep ascents and descents of beautiful Cotswold valleys and crosses the limestone grassland of an ancient common.

Organised by Radical Stroud
Approximately 8 miles. Allow 6 hours. Bring refreshments and food. Towpaths and footpaths and some very steep climbs / descents. Several stiles to cross.
The walk will start and end at Stroud Railway station. Map ref SO 84973 05124. Meet in the forecourt for a 10.00 am start.
For contact, please email Bob Fry at threemthree@icloud.com

NEW Indoor Event
Take a walk through the Palestinian History Tapestry at Lansdowne in Stroud on Sunday 23rd February. Lose yourself in time and space and explore your feelings in a perambulation around the hall and exhibition. Free.
The Palestine History Tapestry illustrates the history of the land of Palestine, from the Neolithic era to the present. It has been made by Palestinian women within and outside Palestine, many of them in refugee camps across the Middle East ...the largest embroidered collection of illustrative work ever produced by Palestinian embroiderers...

10am. Barletta, Italy: LOST WALLS AND ...

This year the Psychogeography Festival will take place in continuity with the two previous editions. Once again the peripatetic walk will take place within the lost walls of the city of Barletta. Wandering among the words the lectures of forgotten episodes Walking castle 2018 and the scenes of the crimes 2019. During a preliminary meeting the knowledge of Terminalia (ancient pagan holiday) and of Psychogeography will be deepened.

Program labile borders: February 22 18-20 meeting at c / o Grow Lab - Corso Vittorio Enamuele 63 Barletta I Terminalia (edited by prof. Francesca De Santis) Psychogeography * land art * walking art * sand art (by arch. Bernardo Bruno)
February 23, 2020 10-13 A ZONZO departure from Piazza Castello Participants are asked to bring flowers to lay along the way, drinks and sweets to share.

Note there is a meeting the evening before on Feb 22. 18-20 meeting at c / o Grow Lab - Corso Vittorio Enamuele 63 Barletta I Terminalia (edited by prof. Francesca De Santis) Psychogeography * land art * walking art * sand art (by arch. Bernardo Bruno)

On February 23, 2020 10-13 A ZONZO departure from Piazza Castello
Participants are asked to bring flowers to lay along the way, drinks and sweets to share.

Organised by Bernardo Bruno 3386115998
View the poster for this event here.

10am. Wrexham, UK. Offa Boundary Drift

In honour of Terminus, the Roman god of boundaries you are invited on a boundary drift along the Wrexham county borough boundary of Offa. We will gather in the B & Q car park, just off Mold Road at 10am on Sunday 23rd February and make our way along the Offa community boundary heading in the direction of Regent Street and ending at the edge of Erddig Country Park on Wrexham Road.

The walk can be simply experienced or you may wish to record it through photography, drawing, painting, poetry, video, recording sound, aroma, texture, or taste. The walk might even include a bit of feasting, drinking and presenting offerings to the god Terminus! You can walk at your own pace, in groups or on your own. The duration of the walk is entirely up to you. Submitted outcomes of the walk will be printed as a newspaper. All are welcome.

You can download a poster for event here.

10:30am Tirana, Albania. Gardens and cul-de-sacs.

We will be walking through the neighborhoods of Tirana that still have a significant presence of old, vernacular and non villas, drift through the cul-de-sacs they form and reflecting and enjoying the views. The walk will start at the Tanner's Bridge at 10.30am and finish after approximately two hours at Dibra St.

Organised by Arba Bekteshi
For a route map and walk itnerary please download this pdf
For further background the walk please visit the Entanglements Journal Article for Walking Through Triana. and people can contact Arba via email address arba.bekteshi@gmail.com and/or via whatsapp +355676280369.

10.30am Glasgow, Scotland. Terminalia Glasguensis MMXX

We celebrate Terminalia with a walk around the boundaries of the former Burgh of Hillhead. Terminalia is the ancient Roman festival of boundaries, held on the last day of the Roman year, when citizens and landed proprietors processed round the edges of their property and praised Terminus, the god of boundaries, for continued peace and stable borders.

The walk begins in the west end of Glasgow at 10.30 am, and will last around three hours. Bring drinks and snacks to share, and a small item to leave behind at a boundary point. If you would like to take part, please e-mail ronnie@ronnie-scott.com

11am, Aberystwyth, Wales. Terminalia - A Roman Celebration

There will be a celebration of Terminalia in Aberystwyth. This walk has been running since 2017 The town map is very clear to this day, and various historical sources confirm the course as:
Castle Point, South to Tan Y Cae, Along to Heol Y Bont, Dan Dre, Chalybeate Street, Baker Street, Alfred Place, Crynfryn Row, Marine Terrace, King Street, Y Ro Fawr, Castle Point
While the walls are no longer visible, their route is easy to trace. There were gates at Heol Y Bont, Great Darkgate Street, Eastgate and Pier Street, which will be noted as part of the tour.

Meet at 11am, Castle Point (at the sea wall). The tour takes less than 30 minutes. This year we will travel anticlockwise, in opposition to last year.
Visit the Facebook Event Page to register interest.

1.30pm: Leeds, UK. Desire Paths - walking to the stones

We shall explore the desire lines of Leeds from Hyde Park Corner, through Woodhouse Moor, across the University campus and into the city centre. Be on the look out for desire paths, short cuts and corrections by authorities.
We shall finish at one of the ancient stones or "bars" in the centre of Leeds to commemorate the boundaries.

The Situationists (the somewhat more zany political wing of psychogeography) say that people need to become conscious of their hidden and un-expressed desires before they can reach a new world, rather than just following another set of political aims, persons or prescriptions for action. Perhaps desire paths and lines are visible traces of people's desire of an alternate reality? Or perhaps it's just a short cut to the shops!

Meet 1.30 in the pub garden outside the Hyde Park Corner Pub. If it's raining we will be inside the pub. Look for the man carrying a folded Ordnance Survey map. The walk should take an hour or two. It will end in the centre of Leeds. Ground should mostly be flat and in general is downhill.
For more information, contact and to register your interest please visit the Facebook event page for Desire Paths.

14:00 Berlin, Germany: Erasing the line: From no man's land to tram line

If Berlin had Terminus worshippers, who erected milestones and border markers, he would have been well served in the years between 1961 and 1989 when the city was divided by a wall and in so many other ways. Walls, barbed wire, observation towers and even borders on the middle of the river were all borders set to divide the city during the Cold War. The people counteracted with secret tunnels and daring escapes.

For Terminalia, we will explore one of the ways in which the disappearence of the wall has enabled new life in the city, namely along the line of the Tram M10. A large part of the tram itinerary was only made possible because it runs for a long stretch where the no man´s land between the Berlin Wall and East Berlin was placed. After the Wall was gone, this empty stretch of land became a park, a site of worship and it even has its own little field where rye is planted and harvested each year. Life came back to the whole area -new buildings, shops, a memorial museum, a flea market, an open air gallery, murals that stretch along whole buildings...and the tram line M10 breathes life into all of this new land. Also called "the party line" it connects the main train station with two other neighbourhoods in the former East Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain, where there is an active party and night life. This line is as busy in the wee hours of the morning on Fridays and Saturdays as it is during rush hour during a week day. Were it not for the memorial site and the open air gallery, you would not know that the Wall once determined the life of so many people by setting borders.

During Terminalia, we will walk along part of the route of M10 tram line, exploring where reminders of these divisions still exist and where the division is no longer visible. We invite photographers and urban sketchers to join, to document the Festivalia activities in Berlin. After the walk, we invite participants to a friendly exchange at a nearby Bar or Cafe along the way, where we can share photos, sketches or stories.

14.00 to 16.00, followed by drinks (optional)
Where: Meeting point is the Lobby of the Visitor Center of the Berlin Wall Memorial:
Bernauer Straße 119 (Visitor Center)
13355 Berlin
(Next to S-Bahn station Nordbahnhof, Tram line M10 and M8 Nordbahnhof)
Please also visit the Facebook Event Page .
More information on the Photo Derive Blog

2pm, Arlington, Texas, USA: A Little Walkward

Members of the feminist collective Sister Death invite friends and strangers to move with us through Veteran's Park in Arlington, Texas. We'll cross the boundary between awkward conversation and thoughtful chatting, getting to know the park and each other as we discover common ground in a era of division. Starting at the Veteran's Memorial, we'll follow the park's mile-long, accessible, paved pathway through open fields, woods, and a floral wildscape. All are welcome, including pets on leashes.

Sister Death is a band of four artists: Christine Adame, Holly D. Gray, Billi London-Gray and Marcela Reyes. As a feminist collective, we focus on empowering women and achieving gender equality. Our collective actions range from simple gestures — such as sending encouraging text messages, forwarding job opportunities, and carpooling — to complex collaborations and solidarity actions.

CST, Veteran's Park, 3600 W. Arkansas Lane, Arlington, Texas
Veteran's Park website: https://www.arlington.org/listings/veterans-park/391/
Sister Death's online presence, built especially for people who think the internet legitimizes reality: https://www.instagram.com/_sisterdeath/ For information, email billi@billilondongray.com

2.21pm Crosscanonby, West Cumbria, UK. Beyond the Wall: Milefortlet 21

Meet at 2.21h to go to Fortlet 21. Meeting place is outside Crosscanonby Carr Nature Reserve 'a mosaic of wetland, meadows, woodland, which is a haven for animals, birds and plants', and was once an abandoned car park. From there we walk to the medieval saltpans at the coast, and onwards to the Milefortlet at the edge of the Roman Universe. This fortlet was established to catch out those who went round Hadrian's Wall via the sea on the westside (Irish Sea).
Once there, we'll make an offering to Terminus. - and remember those who tried to beat the Wall in this way (and all those who are trying to overcome walls today).

For more information contact ArtCouple (Simon Bradley and Ursula Troche, ontomena@gmail.com).

2.45pm, Nijmegen, Netherlands. Terminalia Noviomagus

The ancient Terminalia festival was celebrated on the last day of the Roman calendar year: February 23. This holiday centered on one of the oldest Roman gods, Terminus, a mysterious and largely forgotten deity who was often represented as a physical object in the form of the stone boundary markers guarding the outer limits of the Roman territory. But Terminus was imagined to hold influence over less physical boundaries too, like that between two months, or between two groups of people.

In honor of this ancient Roman tradition, the annual Terminalia Festival of Psychogeography hosts walks exploring the theme of ‘borders’ in various locations all over the world. In the Netherlands, this year’s celebration will take place in Nijmegen, where the Romans built a military fortress around 100BC which served for almost two centuries as a flourishing border post of their Empire.

This participatory walk with choreographic and textual elements will explore the identities of Nijmegen as a city of borders which have accumulated and transformed over the course of twenty centuries of history. Around 4.30 PM, we will halt at Café de Zon on the island of Veur-Lent. From there, participants will have the option of returning home or continuing onward to experience a specially staged denouement to Terminalia Noviomagus at sunset. At the closing of the walk, all participants are welcome to join us for the Terminalia Bacchanalia at a hipster bistro in the Honigcomplex.

Point of departure: Tony Cragg’s nameless sculpture on the Stationsplein, 3 PM
This walk is organized by Ienke Kastelein and Witold van Ratingen.
More details visit the Facebook event page for Terminalia Noviomagus

3pm Edinburgh, Scotland. Walking Between Worlds

Edinburgh 23.02.20, 3pm to sunset (17.30) Happily coinciding with Terminalia, the Audacious Women Festival and Women Who Walk

Please join me (Tamsin Grainger) in a circular walking tour (of approx. 2.5 hrs) to muse and meditate on boundaries and borders - between one community of people and another, day and night, life and death and on the cusp of the new moon. We will be visiting the graves of notable women in Rosebank Cemetery, North Leith Burial Ground and South Leith Parish Church. Briefly, at each stopping place, we will face the memorial stones, and have the chance to learn about their incumbents. The steps taken from one to the next, will be equally, if not more, important - an opportunity for exchange or silent contemplation on these topics. I hope to make a map after, and of, this event that will contain some of its psychogeography.

Meeting at the join of Pilrig Street and Leith Walk, opposite the location of the Boundary Bar (now closed) which marked the former border between Leith and Edinburgh; Terminating at Robbies (the corner of Iona St and Leith Walk, more or less opposite the start) for libation and conversation about where we have been - both in ourselves and the city. You are welcome to join us at any stage of the walk - contact Tamsin for route details if need be.

Wear hardy shoes or boots for tramping pavements and negotiating sodden grass between stones and at the edge of the Water of Leith. This event is free of charge.

7PM GMT: Birmingham, UK: Dark Moon Walking

An expedition into the darkest recesses of Stirchley and Bournville in south Birmingham.
As the New Moon begins this Terminalia, we shall reclaim the night by walking out of the street lights and into the darkest corners of Birmingham B30.
By day our route is green and pleasant, traversing parks, canal paths and verdant walkways. By night we shall discover how different it all looks and feels when the path is not lit, the trees loom large and all colour disappears? Will there be fear or excitement, a feeling of power or of vulnerability?

This one-hour night walk offers the chance to venture into the unlit borderlands of Bournville, Stirchley and Lifford wards in the safety of a group. To blend into the darkness and embrace the power of our invisibility. To explore our inner fears as well as a sense of awe and wonder. By walking together, we aim to reclaim the everyday urban spaces that become off-limits after dark.
There will be short breaks along the way to contemplate the darkness or just to blend into the shadows, become invisible and think.

Organised by new West Midlands walking collective, Walkspace. Spaces are limited so booking is essential. The walk will start and end at Bournville train station ticket office, setting off at 7pm on Sunday 23rd February.
Full details and event registration: http://walkspace.uk/2020/02/dark-moon-walking/

Other associated events.

Patrick S Ford , Yiu Lai Lei, Vietnam. Saigon Canal Walk

Patrick will be conducting a walk by the canals of Saigon, accompanied by a fellow walker - Nina Yiu Lai Lei around the canals that were once a feature of the city. Most of them have long since disappeared, some of them were filled in and became streets or boulevards such as Nguyen Hue 'Walking Street' in District 1.

To commemorate this year's Terminalia festival, they will begin on Le Than Ton (which marked the old citadel wall), progress South East along Nguyen Hue, turn left along Ton Due Thang and then left again along the North Eastern side of Thi Sách. When they again reached Le Than Ton, the would then return to my starting point near to the People's Committee hall.

For more details and background to this walk, please visit Patricks page at Saigon Canal Walk.

Walking the Invisible

A short walk of any distance from 5 paces to 50 kilometres that takes place along an invisible boundary
The walk can take place anywhere - in town or country - desert - mountain - under water It can be a county line, parish boundary, outline of a former road or building, map contour or grid line - your choice

Your response to the walk can be solitary or you may wish to join with others - please get in touch if you’d like to share your walk - it can be in any medium - film, video, written word, drawing, painting photography etc - your choice

Please publish your content on-line individually and then tell Kel where to find it. Kel will co-ordinate material and share your links with others on our website and social media. If this presents problems for you, please get in touch. Please publish your responses by 1st March

Coordinated by Kel Portman.

Synchronised walk for Terminalia

Walk the boundaries of daylight and sunset, wherever you are!
Join the Women Who Walk network and wider walking friends, exploring the cusp of night on the feast of Terminalia. Walk alone or in a group. Sync walk will start at 17:00 GMT (sunset is due around 17.30 GMT). Walkers in other time zones are very welcome to join during their local sunset.

Please tweet your experiences during the walk to @womenwhowalknet with the #womenwhowalknet and #terminalia tags.



Psychogeography is basically how places make you feel. Places are defined by borders and boundaries, what's there and what isn't. Psychogeography is also about transforming the places where we live. It's about experiencing the urban environment in other ways. It's a reaction against the prescribed, officially allowed uses of places - that of consumption, entertainment, transit, habitation. It seeks towards a transformation of the everyday. It offers a critique of urban planning. It is a form of play. It's the poetry of place. It's the effect of an area on your emotions and thoughts.

By doing psychogeography, by walking across places and spaces in a different way, we may learn three new things: About the places themselves, about ourselves and how we relate to these particular spaces, and about space and place in general with possibly seeing a glimmer of whats really going on there.

If ever there was a god of psychogeography, Terminus would be it, and Terminalia would be our feast day. The Festival of Terminalia has therefore been adopted by us! It is about the boundaries and borders, real, historical, fictional and imagined. Places of beginnings, endings and thresholds.

Termnius & Terminalia

"Neighbours gather sincerely, and hold a feast, And sing your praises, sacred Terminus: You set bounds to peoples, cities, great kingdoms: Without you every field would be disputed."
From Ovid's Festivals - Book II

Terminus was one of the really old Roman gods - he didn't have a statue, he was a stone marker - and his origin, associated with a physical object, and lack of the usual stories that go with the gods, may have originated from animalistic religions. He had influence over less physical boundaries too, like that between two months, or between two groups of people. Terminalia was celebrated on the 23rd February - which was the last day of the Roman Year, the boundary between two new years.

A squared-off column is dug into the ground, a solid block; on it stands a bust of a man with ringlets, and proclaims he yields to no one. Such is Terminus; this end alone drives our race. The date is unmovable, the time foreordained by fates, and the last days bring a judgment on the first
from Alciato's Book of Emblems: Emblem 158

Traditionally, feasting and sacrifices were performed during Terminalia at boundary markers. In Roman times for the festival the two owners of adjacent property crowned the statue with garlands and raised a rude altar, on which they offered up some corn, honeycombs, and wine, and sacrificed a lamb or a sucking pig. They concluded with singing the praises of the god.

Previous Years

Terminalia has been running since 2011 always on 23 Feb. Click the link below to read up on previous years events and see a bunch of photos from previous years.

Past Years

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